Marry your shoes

Ache's and Pain's can be bothersome as the weather gets nicer and all of us treadmill hamsters transition back outside. Marrying the right shoe with the right foot helps a ton!

Posted on March 8, 2018 .

#levitate and #M2Mrelay

Two amazing things happened on Saturday the 30th of September:

1. The 10th running of the Market to Market Nebraska took place. It is a 75 mile road trip party with some great people.
 - This was the first time I took part in the Market to Market Nebraska. It was a great route through some rural roads and trails from Omaha to Lincoln. And it is quite the experience if you have a great crew packed in the team van.

2. Brooks Running added the Levitate to their lineup. This shoe is unique as it combines ultimate response with maximum cushion.

I had the opportunity to participate in both. I snagged a pair early the morning of M2M and wore them for maybe 20 minutes prior to my first leg. I was incredibly lucky as I only had 2 legs. My first was 5.5 and I had zero problems. I was pleasantly surprised. The upper adapted to my foot the more time I spent in it only making it more comfortable. And despite its responsiveness, it provided a good amount of cushion. I did not feel uneven on the gravel roads or like the shoe was mushy under my feet. 5.5 felt great, so I threw it on for my last 4 and got more of the same.
 - We will see how the shoe runs with a few more miles on it. I've got some more miles scheduled for this week and Peak has a launch PARTY for the LEVITATE scheduled for MONDAY the 9th at 6PM. Brooks is sponsoring the run and a contest to see which group run can put in the most miles in an hour... And I have faith in the Run Happy Hour crew!

Will you float with us? RSVP HERE:

Posted on October 3, 2017 .

Run Happy Hour is LEVITATING

Run Happy Hour will be back in full force for a 1 night adventure.
 - October 9th at 6 PM we are celebrating the launch of @brooksrunning new shoe: the Levitate.
Brooks has spent substantial time developing this new product and it should make some serious waves in the running community and industry.
Peak has been granted early access and we want to celebrate and share with you!

Posted on September 25, 2017 .


I remember the first few years I began running, my favorite time to run was at 3 PM and 11PM. I know, strange times, what's worse is I used to run in nothing but shorts, shoes, and sometimes if it was cold, a shirt. Running in the afternoon wasn’t much of a problem however, at night it could have been a real issue. 

A few things I have found to be real important over my last 15 years is to always run into traffic, I mean against traffic, Nathan would say, "See. Be Seen." To "Be Seen" has always proven to be more difficult as I have no clue who the driver is. I have made sure to wear at least 2 points of light, a headlamp and an LED light, and least 3 pieces of apparel that are reflective. Ultimately, I end up feeling a little more comfortable knowing that I can see and assume I'm being seen more.  

  • 70% of pedestrian fatalities happen between 6PM and 6AM and the most dangerous hours being between 6PM and 9PM.  

  • Around dusk, our eyes are most sensitive to the color yellow and once adapted to the dark, the green colors.  

  • Florescent material gives off that eye catching glow because the material turns invisible UV light into visible light.  

  • It may seem obvious but thanks to the science of visibility more points of visibility on the moving parts of a runner/walker/biker the greater depiction to a vehicle.  

  • A healthy number of drivers still admit to texting or using their phones while driving, meaning night vision is only getting worse. If the phone is regularly checked at night, vision is further impaired. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration using the phone is proven to be more dangerous than driving drunk.   

The official first day of Fall is Friday the 22nd that means, it is going to get dark earlier and earlier. In fact, sunset on the 22nd is 7:20 PM and Sunrise that day is 7:11 AM only getting later and later.  

With all this in mind....  

How do you stay lit while running in the fall? 

Posted on September 22, 2017 .

That Twinge in your leg...

It starts as a twinge in your calf.
Or maybe along the top of your shin, a mild ache that slides away from your leg easily while you run.
It’s probably nothing, you think, pounding along the Keystone Trail in your worn running shoes, 500 miles over their prime. Like old people hunched over their walkers, your shoes are aging and weak. After this many miles, the ankle support begins to erode, leaving the vulnerable spots of your feet exposed. You have no idea yet, but that twinge is the cracked foundation in your shoes, threading like a fault line up to your legs. Eventually, the pain in your legs will intensify. Shin splints are insidious, painful monsters, that may sideline you from your next race, or lead to further injury.
Luckily, there is a way to dramatically lower your risk, or even avoid injury, that costs less than a visit to the doctor or physical therapy: Changing out your shoes.
Replacing your running shoes can play a huge role in the difference between a season of healthy racing, or being sidelined with an injury.
I’ve been a dedicated runner for 6 years. I’ve run five full marathons, nearly twenty half marathons, and almost thirty smaller distance races ranging from the 5k to 10 milers. And, (knock on wood), I’ve been lucky enough to be injury free for all of my training.
I am a whole-hearted believer in the importance of replacing your running shoes.
Think of it as a twice a year commitment, like visiting the dentist. Whole person health from head to toe. If you are a seasoned local runner, you already know of the invaluable resource that are the experts at Peak Performance, and likely have been getting your shoes from them for the length of your running career.
If you are a beginner, it is imperative that you buy your shoes from a running store. While purchasing a discount pair of knock offs from Target may seem like a cheaper option, this can lead to insufficient support for your feet. This can result in painful runs or injury, which may turn you off from running completely.
At a running store, you will be fitted for the right shoes for your feet. Do you have a high arch or neutral? Are you a heel striker? Do you have sensitive feet? From here, they will recommend the right shoe for you that will help you run healthy, meaning you can run for years to come. Make a note on your calendar when you bought them, or on your Daily Mile or Strava account, and replace them every 300-500 miles.
As runners, we are driven by the powerful experience of the sport, and the way running feels in our bodies. For me, when I run, the rest of the world is muted for just a bit, and I am connected completely to my body, from my mental state, to the way I am breathing, to my feet. This joy we feel from the rush of endorphins can be described as an addiction to running, which has the dangerous side effect of increasing happiness. Running is too important to let something like worn shoes derail your routine.
If you aren’t sure how many miles are on your shoes, bring them in to Peak to have them looked at. Take care of your body and your feet. Replace your shoes. Run happy, run healthy. And hopefully, the only twinge you will feel while running is a twinge of joy.


Thanks to our guest contributor, Jessica Clem who is a Content Strategist for B2interactive and a long time runner.


Posted on April 20, 2017 .

So Many Updates

The 23rd iteration of the Kayano from Asics brings some fresh updates that has earned it some fantastic reviews! The Dynamic DuoMax Support system has been slightly tooled and set at an angle to provide support when you need it. A slightly new shape will wrap the foot with a better fit and increased to spring, creating for a very cushioned but responsive ride. Asics has also introduced FLYTEFOAM in this model, making the shoe lighter, more stable, softer and more durable. The tooling of the shoe also implemented convergence gel placing the gel at a new angle underneath the heal providing for a softer and smoother transition through your gait cycle beginning at initial impact.
Mens: 11.5 OZ 10 MM Drop
WMS: 9.2 OZ 13 MM Drop

The 860 V7 introduces TRUFUSE cushioning that is a blend of two of their other cushioning systems. TRUFUSE offers and excellent blend of cushion and support creating for a stable, supportive, and forgiving ride.
The supportive Dual Density mid-sole posting and T-BEAM technology have remained the same and continue to help curb pronation and excess torsion through the gait cycle.
An assymetrical heel counter and engineered mesh round out the updates each respectively adding stability and creating a seemless upper with a lightweight breathable fit across the foot.
Mens: 11.4 OZ / 10 MM Drop
WMS: 9.5 OZ / 10 MM Drop
$5 Price increase to $125

The legend continues with a Flymesh upper that offers support and style all in one package. It maintains its lightweight breath ability while offering a stable and forgiving ride. Cushioning is provided through the old faithful Zoom Air and support is given through the Dynamic support wedge in the medial edge of the shoe. The out sole has been retooled with a Honeycomb that increases flexibility and traction.
Mens: 10.7 OZ / 9 MM Drop
WMS: 9.6 OZ / 9 MM Drop

Posted on September 28, 2016 .

Half Marathon Training -

While summer has not even begun yet, the heat certainly makes it feel like it is here. In the midst of the heat is when goals are met. Looking ahead to the fall the Omaha metro has 3 larger races that have been gaining steam over the last few years. A couple of these races are only in their terrible two's this year but have set the bar pretty high in their infancy.
If you are planning on running one this fall, training can be tough to do alone and we are hoping that by providing a group/clinic format to train in, reaching your goals may be a little easier. In my experiences training for races and having someone to hold you accountable to your goals makes reaching them so much easier. It also makes going for a run or getting up early a little bit easier. But either way if you are looking to knock out the miles you can follow the link for some more information or contact me(Tim) at the store(402) 398-9807/
I look forward to running some miles with you this summer!

Posted on June 20, 2016 .