#levitate and #M2Mrelay

Two amazing things happened on Saturday the 30th of September:

1. The 10th running of the Market to Market Nebraska took place. It is a 75 mile road trip party with some great people.
 - This was the first time I took part in the Market to Market Nebraska. It was a great route through some rural roads and trails from Omaha to Lincoln. And it is quite the experience if you have a great crew packed in the team van.

2. Brooks Running added the Levitate to their lineup. This shoe is unique as it combines ultimate response with maximum cushion.

I had the opportunity to participate in both. I snagged a pair early the morning of M2M and wore them for maybe 20 minutes prior to my first leg. I was incredibly lucky as I only had 2 legs. My first was 5.5 and I had zero problems. I was pleasantly surprised. The upper adapted to my foot the more time I spent in it only making it more comfortable. And despite its responsiveness, it provided a good amount of cushion. I did not feel uneven on the gravel roads or like the shoe was mushy under my feet. 5.5 felt great, so I threw it on for my last 4 and got more of the same.
 - We will see how the shoe runs with a few more miles on it. I've got some more miles scheduled for this week and Peak has a launch PARTY for the LEVITATE scheduled for MONDAY the 9th at 6PM. Brooks is sponsoring the run and a contest to see which group run can put in the most miles in an hour... And I have faith in the Run Happy Hour crew!

Will you float with us? RSVP HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/508918749453981/

Posted on October 3, 2017 .