I remember the first few years I began running, my favorite time to run was at 3 PM and 11PM. I know, strange times, what's worse is I used to run in nothing but shorts, shoes, and sometimes if it was cold, a shirt. Running in the afternoon wasn’t much of a problem however, at night it could have been a real issue. 

A few things I have found to be real important over my last 15 years is to always run into traffic, I mean against traffic, Nathan would say, "See. Be Seen." To "Be Seen" has always proven to be more difficult as I have no clue who the driver is. I have made sure to wear at least 2 points of light, a headlamp and an LED light, and least 3 pieces of apparel that are reflective. Ultimately, I end up feeling a little more comfortable knowing that I can see and assume I'm being seen more.  

  • 70% of pedestrian fatalities happen between 6PM and 6AM and the most dangerous hours being between 6PM and 9PM.  

  • Around dusk, our eyes are most sensitive to the color yellow and once adapted to the dark, the green colors.  

  • Florescent material gives off that eye catching glow because the material turns invisible UV light into visible light.  

  • It may seem obvious but thanks to the science of visibility more points of visibility on the moving parts of a runner/walker/biker the greater depiction to a vehicle.  

  • A healthy number of drivers still admit to texting or using their phones while driving, meaning night vision is only getting worse. If the phone is regularly checked at night, vision is further impaired. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration using the phone is proven to be more dangerous than driving drunk.   

The official first day of Fall is Friday the 22nd that means, it is going to get dark earlier and earlier. In fact, sunset on the 22nd is 7:20 PM and Sunrise that day is 7:11 AM only getting later and later.  

With all this in mind....  

How do you stay lit while running in the fall? 

Posted on September 22, 2017 .