Everyone loves em... if you haven't been in to check them out then you're missing out.

The fall releases of your favorite shoes are out and the updates are incredible.

Nike released a new shoe called the Odyssey that I am particularly excited about. New Balance, Asics, Brooks, and Saucony all have iterations of their go-to's out or coming out in a few weeks. Asics has dropped a NYC Marathon specific colorway of the Nimbus which looks awesome on foot.

What I am saying is... now is the time to get your Fall/Winter shoes while the getting is good.

I was skeptical of the Odyssey at first until I put it on. It has quickly become one of my favorite running shoes, of all time! Rivaled only by the Nike Vitesse of '06. That is unless New Balance decides to come out with a current, performance edition of the 574.

But back to the Odyssey...

It has entered the running world as a high cushion stability shoe to fill a missing link in Nike's line. It has 2 Zoom air units in the midsole and a rib cage type support that runs from the heel almost to the toe. The length of the supports creates a very stable and smooth ride that makes for an enjoyable run. The upper of the shoe Nike's new flymesh that has been attached to the rest of Nikes line and like the rest has fit really well.

This also means a lot of last year's shoes have just gone on sale... be sure to stop in soon!

Posted on October 20, 2015 .


Download the full results of the TACO RUN.

Congrats to all of the participants of this years Taco Run. As usual the run was a blast and we look forward to having everyone back next year!

Posted on June 30, 2015 .

Drink Some Water

In typical Nebraska fashion the cool crisp air of spring has been replaced by the blazing heat and humidity of summer in what seems like a day. As the heat continues to rise hydration become a very important issue for runners. If you're not properly hydrated not only does your performance suffer but it could also lead to more dangerous conditions. At Peak Performance we want to see everyone having fun in the sun, and with a few tips you can beat the heat.

1. Make sure you are staying hydrated throughout the day. We literally run on water and most people aren't getting enough water throughout the day and that can lead to issues during your run. Checking your urine pre-run is an easy way to see if you're hydrated. If your urine is the color of iced tea you should drink more, if it’s the color of lemonade or clearer you're good to go.

2. Electrolytes, such as those in sports drinks can help stave off dehydration. When your body is losing sodium though sweat, it’s essential to replace those lost to keep your performance up.

3. Post run, drink until you’re satisfied. Everyone is a little different and there really is no generic amount of water set for everyone.   

Following these simple steps will keep you going through the heat of summer.

Stay thirsty my friends.

Posted on June 12, 2015 .

Fall 2015 Half Marathon Clinic

Registration for the Fall 2015 Half Marathon Clinic have finally gone live!!

Registration is $70 and the clinic will prepare you for whatever half you choose to do this fall. The three main ones are:
The Heartland Marathon Distance Weekend
The Omaha Marathon Distance Weekend
The Nebraska Marathon

The clinic is built on a 14 week training schedule and will officially run from June 1, 2015 - September 30, 2015. (Registration will close on June 30)
- Programming or training schedule is built 14 weeks out from the Half Marathon of your choosing.

Peak Performance Half Marathon Training Program –
We strongly suggest having a base of 10-20 miles per week upon entering this program.
The cost of the program is $70.00. This cost includes:
Program and personalized attention and training tips from a Peak Performance coach.
- Form Running Class
- T-Shirt
- $15 off shoes coupon
- Session end breakfast

Runs will be on Sunday mornings at 7AM and on Wednesday nights at 6PM. During the group runs we will cover a variety of topics including:
- Running - The Half Marathon
- Stretching and Cross Training
- Types of Workouts
- Locations
- Nutrition

It will be a fun and eventful season of running! If you have any questions or comments regarding the program please feel free to reach out to the Coach, Tim Kruger II at or on twitter @run2peak

Registration is capped at 25 people and it will fill quickly...


Posted on June 12, 2015 .

Run Happy Hour 2015!!!

Run Happy Hour is back at Peak Performance this summer. If you missed last year, you DO NOT want to miss this year. Come join over 150 runners for a 3-5 mile run on the Keystone Trail from our 78th and Cass street location. Then stick around to enjoy refreshing beer from local Omaha breweries, not to mention delicious meals from the best food trucks around Omaha! From shoe test runs, hydration product demos, and prize giveaways, our many run specialty vendors meet your running needs. So grab a friend, coworker, heck, a total stranger, and trot down to Peak Performance on 78th and Cass to Enjoy the Run and Enjoy the Fun! 

Join us at our 519 N. 78th St in Central Omaha for some casual miles, yard games, and cold drinks.
The cost is $3 a night or if paid within the first 3 weeks $35 will cover all 14 weeks and the cost covers
 - Drinks
 - Snacks
 - Games
 - Prizes (based on attendance)
Over the next 14 weeks starting June 1, we will have different local beers and drinks as well as local food trucks!
(cost of evening does not cover food served by food truck)
Run begins at 6:30 with drinks to follow a 3 or 5 mile run on the Keystone trail. 
Attendance to a certain amount of evenings earns prizes.

Posted on May 26, 2015 .