Omaha's Running Store

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Established in 1994, Peak Performance has helped to improve the lives and health of runners and walkers in the Omaha area for the past two decades. From its one store beginning, Peak Performance has provided the expertise necessary to assist runners/walkers with their footwear, technical apparel, running accessories, and training needs. Today, Peak Performance has expanded to four stores in the Omaha Area and seven total stores nationwide.

Our goal is to help the every day runner and walker achieve success in their own goals. When the you, the runner, succeeds, we succeeds.

We specialize in shoe fitting with the goal of matching the customers foot with the right shoe. Each of our staff members is trained in the Standing Gait Analysis. The Standing Gait Analysis takes a wholistic approach to your bio-mechanics and is then able to match a shoe to your needs and wants. This way, you are better able to meet your fitness wants, desires, and goals.

The Standing Gait Analysis is not as complicated as it sounds:

  1. Walk (or run) into any or our store locations.
  2. Bring your old running/walking shoes with you. (They serve sort of like an X-ray for us)
  3. Hang out with your favorite staff member!

From there we will get to know you and you closer to your goals!